Universal Car Seat Belt Cover Compatible with All Cars (1)
Universal Car Seat Belt Cover Compatible with All Cars
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Universal Car Seat Belt Cover Compatible with All Cars




Very Comfortable: This seat belt cover is made of luxury material. It is great for protecting you while you drive. It will avoid discomfort rubbing and irritation from the seat belt, it’s great for protecting your neck, shoulder, collar bones, chest from the seat belt.
Universal Design: This seat belt shoulder pad is compatible with all cars and all size of seat belt.
Easy to Install: This seat belt pads is easy to install on all shoulder seatbelts, each seat belt cover has a piece of durable special cloth sticker on the underside that you simply open, fold over the seat belt and then close again.
Luxury Material: The material is a premium synthetic material made in Italy. For its many extraordinary properties, it is used on the steering wheels of high-end sports cars and interior linings of designer handbags. It is an avant-garde material with aesthetic, technical and sensory qualities that no other material can equal. It epitomises the new paradigm of contemporary lifestyle.
Imported Material from Italy: This beautiful material provides pleasure and comfort. It is light, strong and highly durable. It is sweat, water and fingerprint proof and won’t fade, scratch or stain and is easy to clean.

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