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Notice, Waiver, Warning, and Disclaimer


1. Do not use the vehicle seat belt extender until you have read and understand, acknowledge and agree to the notices, waivers, warnings and disclaimers contained herein. By using and purchasing an extender, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by all of the following: The user and all interested parties, including purchasers, buyers, etc. (“User”) recognize the dangers of using a seat belt extender and the risks and liabilities contained in this disclaimer and knowingly accept the assumption of risks and liabilities associated with the use of the extender. Please note that these disclaimers and warnings are not intended to replace any government or any manufacturer information, disclaimers and warnings, but are in addition to and in addition to the products and services provided herein. Regardless of the warnings, notices and disclaimers herein, the user acknowledges that they are expected to comply with all governmental laws and follow the manufacturer’s vehicle manuals regarding the use of this product.

2. The seat belt extender is intended for use only by persons who are unable to wear seat belts in accordance with the requirements of each user’s country, state, territory and/or local municipality. However, please read and follow your vehicle manufacturer’s owner’s manual before installing or using this product, as it may not be available for certain vehicles, certain manufacturers, certain car seats, booster seats, children, pregnant women or other devices and or certain applicable laws. Extenders should not be used by adults and children who can use the vehicle’s existing seat belt. Such unnecessary use, including child restraints, may result in serious personal injury or death.

3. The information, products and services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Seat Belt Extender Pro is a distributor of seat belt extenders and makes no representations or warranties of any kind, either express or implied, or as to fitness for a particular purpose. Seat Belt Extender Pro expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or use, compatibility, accuracy, safety or non-infringement. Seat Belt Extender Pro is not the manufacturer of the products it sells, including seat belt extenders. Seatbeltextenderpro is only a distributor and neither it nor its licensees, assigns or affiliates will alter, modify or change the products or packaging it receives from the manufacturer or affiliates in any way.

4. User agrees to indemnify Seat belt Extender Pro and its affiliates, assigns, licensees and representatives from and against any liability or damage of any kind, including, but not limited to, liability for any information, content, materials, products or damages arising from the use of products and websites where products are purchased, researched or otherwise discovered, from the products themselves or from any information, content, materials, products or damages contained in or otherwise made available to you through the website, communications with representatives, blogs or otherwise. service Seat Belt Extender Pro, seat belt extender professionals or written materials from distributors of this product.

5. You are responsible for knowing the safety standards of your country, state, region and/or local municipality. Seat Belt Extender Pro cannot provide information about the safety regulations that govern your area. Our extenders are tested in accordance with E-mark regulations related to three-point seat belts. The E-Mark certificate numbers on the extensions are based on three-point seat belts and are issued in the absence of a specific standard for seat belt extensions.

6. Do not use the seat belt extender in an unsuitable manner. The user agrees to use the seat belt extender at his or her own risk. Do not use seat belt extenders unless each user’s country, state, territory, and/or local municipality requires the wearing of vehicle seat belts. Never use an extender if it is released from either side without pressing the extender or the socket release button on the seat belt. Test all functions thoroughly before use. Do not alter the seat belt extender. Do not force the metal tongue of the extender or the metal tongue of the vehicle seat belt into the socket on the other side. Do not use the extender to change the fit of the shoulder belt on the torso. Do not use an extender when the crotch belt does not fit snugly over the hips. Never use an extender until you have read and followed the manufacturer’s label and tags attached to the extender. Never give a used extender to another person. Never use a used seat belt extender or seat belt extender that you do not know the history of. Never use an extender before each use without fastening and unfastening it in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s owner’s manual instructions for seat belt fastening. Do not use an extender to connect two different seat belts. Never use an extender that adds more length than the minimum additional length required to buckle in a physically impossible situation. Extenders are not intended for use with child restraints such as booster seats and car seats or children under a specific weight and size (refer to your vehicle manufacturer’s manual, child restraint manual and all applicable laws). Extenders are not suitable for pregnant women. Do not allow others to install or use seat belt extenders in any vehicle. Extensions must not be resold. Extenders are not intended for use with non-retractable seat belts. No seat belt extender can guarantee protection from injury and therefore the user intentionally assumes all risk of using an extender, especially those prohibited here.

7. Regardless of how an extender is purchased or obtained, no extender is guaranteed to click, securely lock, install or work in or with any seat belt in any vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, among all other methods of purchase or acquisition, the purchase or acquisition of an extender from it based on the vehicle-specific details of the vehicle (e.g., make, model, year and/or seat) or the recommendation of Seat belt extender pro or any representative or affiliate of the Company.

8. It is the sole responsibility of the user to determine whether the extender as an aftermarket product is suitable, securely locked or should be used, including compliance with all relevant motor safety regulations, vehicle manufacturer’s instructions and your vehicle’s manual. User agrees to accept full responsibility for any related consequences, damages or losses that may result from the use of the extender. User agrees that no method, means or advice provided anywhere, including but not limited to any website, blog, written materials or by Seat Belt Extender Pro or resellers of Seat Belt Extender Pro branded products, is intended to determine that the fitment, security or correctness of a potential seat belt extender is a safe latches, clicks, or assembly in an adequate or exhaustive manner and cannot be relied upon in any way. Regardless of the information provided by any website, blog, representative, individual or other source of information, you are solely responsible for determining the proper fit, clicker, safety latch, and extension for a particular vehicle, seat belt or location.

9. If available, use only those extensions provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle in which you need to use the extension. If available, use only extenders made by the same manufacturer as the seat belt.

10. Do not modify or alter the extender or the vehicle’s seat belt in any way. Do not use the extender with any other product or equipment that alters any part or the entire seat belt assembly and/or seat belt extender configuration. The use, introduction or combination of any other product or equipment may interfere with the function and/or use of the seat belt assembly and seat belt extender. Do not use an extender if the seat belt in the vehicle in which you intend to use the extender has been replaced, modified or altered in any way.

11. Inspect and test the extender before each use. Store the extender safely when not in use.

12. Clean and maintain the extender according to the seat belt maintenance instructions in your owner’s manual.

13. Stop using the extender if the seat belt or extender release button is not depressed, does not work, or is kept clean. For seat belt extender maintenance, refer to the seat belt maintenance instructions in your owner’s manual.

14. Make sure the user always has access to your vehicle’s seat belt receptacle and the extender’s socket.

15. Stop using the extender if the stitching or webbing is loose or frayed, or if the integrity of the extender is compromised or compromised in any way. Discontinue use of the extender after a collision of any type or size. Collisions may result in invisible or inconspicuous damage to the seat belt extender. If the extender was not in use at the time of the collision, do not continue to use the extender after the collision until your vehicle manufacturer’s certified agent has inspected and approved your vehicle’s seat belts. Stop using the extender after three (3) years.

16. This information should be kept with the extender for reference each time the extender is used.

17. Failure to properly secure or lock your seat belt and seat belt extender in the vehicle increases the risk of serious injury or death in the event of, but not limited to, a sharp turn, sudden stop or collision.

18. Notwithstanding the foregoing, do not use an extender in or with a particular vehicle in which the extender is being used or intended to be used if the extender or its use in any manner conflicts with the owner’s manual or the manual of any other equipment or product. The user agrees and acknowledges that if information about the extender is missing from the user manual or if the user has or has any questions about the extender, they have read the user manual of the vehicle in which the extender is being used or intended to be used or have contacted the vehicle manufacturer directly about the extender or its use.

19. All products, product specifications, data and the entire contents of this document and all other texts are subject to change without notice. Failure to read and comply with these notices, waivers, disclaimers and warnings regarding the purchase, use and installation of seat belt extenders may result in the occurrence of, but not limited to, sharp turns, sudden stops, or crashes.

20. If any problems occur or exist with the seat belt extender, including, but not limited to, all of the above, stop using the extender immediately.

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