Universal Car Seat Belt Extender for Most Models
9.45 Inch Universal Lengthening Car Seat Belt Extender
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9.45 Inch Universal Lengthening Car Seat Belt Extender


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With this professional and Reliable car seat belt extender, you’ll get a longer seat belt.

This seat belt extender really make it easier to fasten the seat belts! And it makes seatbelt use much easier in your car.

Just what you needed if it was difficult for you to latch your seat belt. This car seat extender adds on approx 9.45 inches.

🚗【Make It Easier】- If it was difficult for you to latch your seat belt or your passenger is an obese person, but the original car seat belt is not long enough, you can install this car seat belt extender, which not only provides protection, but also allows the seat belt to be extended, allowing you to enjoy more comfortable travel.
🚗【High Quality】- These seat belt extensions are made of High-quality Carbon structural steel and durable ABS outer shell with has high performance and super tensile strength to prevent fading, rust, it can be inserted repeatedly stationary and not easy to bend.
🚗【Professional and Reliable】- Our car seat extender is tested by professional test equipment, it can be used 20000 times.
🚗【Certification】- Our seat belt extenders have DOT, E11, E32 and CHN 3C certification.
🚗【Easy Storage and Use】- These car seat belt extensions are very light and small in weight. So it is easy to carry and store. And the car buckle seat belt extender is very easy to install and use. Just click on the belt extension to add it on the original car buckle.

Product information

Materials: High-quality Carbon structural steel and durable ABS

Size: ‎9.45 x 1.85 x 0.5 inches

Package: 1 PCS

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Note: Please Check Your Seat Belt Buckle Size first

Universal Car Seat Belt Extender for Most Models

Additional information

Weight 240 g
Dimensions 9.45 × 1.85 × 0.5 in

Black, Light Beige, Morandi Blue

6 reviews for 9.45 Inch Universal Lengthening Car Seat Belt Extender

  1. Charlie l.

    We recently had to add another car seat in our Audi for a baby on the way. However, the infant seat base made it really hard for my son to reach his buckle on his booster seat. These extenders fit perfect, and allow the buckle to be long enough that it is no longer under the other seat base. Excellent for situations where you have three car seats across the back!

  2. Brian C

    I really need to add more length for my passenger seat. This seat belt buckle extention is really what I need, feels good when it get in your hands, suitable length and with good materials, also feel durable. Installation is very simple. The best belt extension and alarm stopper.

  3. Barbara

    The main reason I bought the seatbelt extender was because I’m short and I hate having my seatbelt going across my neck all the time. By buying the extender, I can put my seatbelt on and then I push the extender down. That lowers my belt to go across my chest and not my neck. Much more comfortable.

  4. Denise

    Love these! I originally bought these for a larger family member, to be more comfortable. However, I have used them in the back seat with car seats and cat crates. No more digging for seat belts in the back seat!!

  5. Tim Rafferty

    I have a seat protector for the car seat and it makes buckling up extremely hard in the rear seat of a Tesla Model 3. This works perfectly! Thanks!

  6. Ellie D

    These are the softest, most comfortable ones I have ever used. They are longer than most others and fold over the belt in such a way that the Velcro never scratches my neck which is wonderful. Wish I had found these years ago.
    Highly recommend this brand. Will buy again.

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