Magnetic Leather Car Visor Clips for Sunglasses (1)
Magnetic Leather Car Visor Clips for Sunglasses
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Magnetic Leather Car Visor Clips for Sunglasses




👓Farewell to mess: The car visor clips for sunglasses is multifunctional, convenient and practical, and can store most glasses, cards and other items. Small size and great use, bid farewell to cluttered space.
👓Easy to operate: The size of visor sunglass holder is 4.33 x 2.76inch, only 1.76ounce, compact and does not take up space and does not block the line of sight. Just open the round panel, put the temples in the round panel and cover it. Proficient several times, there is no problem at all with one-handed operation. Please do not operate with one hand if you are not skilled.
👓High-end durable material: The sunglasses holder for car is made of first-class cowhide, wear-resistant and durable. The cowhide contains magnets, which can be attracted to stabilize the glasses without damaging the temples of the glasses.
👓Tough Buckle: The car visor sunglass holder on the back can accommodate space about 0.8 inches, which can be installed on most general-purpose car sun visors to make the sunglass holder for car visor stable and not easy to slip off. If it is a thicker sun visor, please measure it before buying it.
👓Note: If the glasses clamp is not tight (especially the thicker temples), it may be that the position is not properly placed. Please adjust the position of the temples slightly and push them to the elastic band to make it easier to clamp.

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